pocket sprung mattress is made from individual pocket springs. Each pocket spring is enclosed within its own fabric pocket. Working independently from each other, each spring reacts only to the pressure applied to that area. This results in a greater level of personalized support and response for each person sleeping on the mattress.

Pocket springs don’t move as a whole unit, unlike more traditional open coil mattresses. This helps to prevent “roll-together”, and reduces the transfer of movement to other areas of the mattress. Each pocket spring works individually to correctly support your body. Because of this, a pocket sprung mattress is particularly beneficial if:

  1. You and your partner are of different weights
  2. You tend to toss and turn throughout the night
Pocket springs are wrapped in their own cloth sleeve

Pocket sprung mattress benefits

Pocket sprung mattresses are one of the most popular types of mattress – and for good reason! Read on to find out what pocket sprung mattresses are, how they work and how you could benefit from one.

    • No transfer of movement
Each pocket spring reacts separately to pressure applied, supporting body weight individually, rather than spreading body weight across the surface of the mattress. This helps to reduce the feeling of rolling into your partner and so promotes a more restful night’s sleep.


    • Consistent firmness
Because each individual pocket spring is enclosed within its own cloth sleeve, this holds it at consistent tension. This creates an even level of firmness across the whole of the mattress.


    • Total body support
Pocket sprung mattresses are considered a more premium type of sprung mattress, since they are renowned to provide consistent, total body support. Our range of pocket sprung mattresses are available in a wide range of pocket spring counts and firmness ratings, so you can choose the ideal level of support you need.


    • Pressure relief
Since pocket springs work independently from each other, pocket sprung mattresses support your body weight to a greater degree than an

open coil spring system

 (also known as standard sprung). This can help you to feel comfortable and well-supported as you sleep, reducing the risk of pressure point build-up.

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